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Individual-based reflection paper(management) Essay

Kinds of Managers and Steps in Management - Essay Example These directors, specifically, are the ones who the vast majority of us know about, as except if we are sufficiently fortunate to get a top activity immediately, we will be with these folks. In the event that something comes up in the division, they are normally the first to know †being in control, they ought to be. As the title suggests, a chief is required to direct - to oversee †his area of expertise and his subordinates. In particular, he is required to complete things productively (least cost, greatest yield) and successfully (achieving objectives and doing the correct things). This implies it is profoundly attractive to accomplish one’s objectives while utilizing the least conceivable measure of assets. This procedure is called the executives. The initial phase in the executives is to design †to set objectives, think of a methodology, and create plans to facilitate capacities. This answers the inquiries of what you need, how you intend to get it, and what you will do to get it. The following stage is to sort out, that is, the administrator at that point delegates errands to his subordinates, chooses how undertakings are to be assembled and what should be finished. In this progression, it is critical to consider who is most appropriate to deal with specific undertakings. For example, if your arrangement requires the utilization of print promotions, recruit a visual craftsman †or even better, discover somebody in the group who has ability around there. This progression is the place a manager’s relational abilities are required most. As he is relied upon to realize his subordinates moderately well, this is a significant choice one must take incredible alert in making †and which one has definitely no reason for bumbling. Next is lead one’s subordinates †that is, to persuade them, direct them, pick a successful methods for correspondence, and resolve clashes should they emerge. At last, to control †checki ng execution, contrasting it and friends objectives, and making changes when necessary.â

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Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Clarified Bibliography Example Groups become powerful and beneficial, at whatever point chipping away at a comparative undertaking, since such gatherings can use off one another’s solid point and repay shortcomings of other colleagues. Project group authority clarifies singular jobs. Initiative gets scattered among the individuals from the group. Group pioneer drives individuals to lead themselves. Pioneers can produce thought designs, which are rousing and positive. Task group initiative grasps individual objective setting through self assessment and perception. Objectives can be accomplished through upgrading enlightening jobs among colleagues. The book, Field Guide to Project Management has the significance of estimating and observing individual and group execution (Cleland, 2004, p. 398). Task group authority ought to create inspiration utilizing outward and inborn prizes. Creating abilities among colleagues requires group preparing and training. Worldwide task the board involves a system which handl es the consolidated difficulties in the virtual and disseminated extends globally. Worldwide undertaking the executives incorporates driving by exemption. The book, Field Guide to Project Management, find numerous pioneers or administrators in various time regions, and areas to have unfavorable gatherings to start exercises. It is recommendable to design a huge task the board device for following that gives exact data, right measurements, and keeps up the status of the work endeavors of everybody evaluated. Make group cooperative energies through vital social events (Cleland, 2004, p. 12). A social on line application can be made to permit the colleagues remember each other. Regard the various societies, exercises and occasions the colleagues partake in without permitting work limits arranging the home. Virtual venture group gives a virtual development of advantages. Virtual venture group requires center components. Authority gave ought to be hearty and

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Dell Corporation SWOT Analysis

Dell Corporation SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis Dell Computer Corporation was established by Michael Saul Dell in 1984 with their straightforward reason as the essential establishment that PCs could be assembled and sold legitimately to clients and by doing this, Dell could address their particular needs and give the best processing arrangements that meet those clients needs. (Cuizon G., 5 March 2009) Essentially, Dell is utilizing Direct Method which gives two preferences: 1. lessening advertising and deals cost by taking out markups of merchants and retailers and 2. working to arrange diminished stock expenses and dangers of holding inventories. (Cuizon G., 5 March 2009) Dells Direct Model is the principle motivation behind why Dell has accomplished its high status in business today. This strategic model empowers Dell to associate with clients straightforwardly furnishing them with quick, sensibly valued and benevolent methods for creation and conveyance. (Cuizon G., 5 March 2009) (S)trengths Dell is one of the biggest mechanical organizations (PC producer) on the planet that creates, production, sell and bolster PC, PCs and other PC peripherals. (Mba instructional exercises, 22 December 2009) Dell is positioned at number 38 on the Fortune 500 out of 2010. Fortune additionally positions it as the Number 5 most respected organization in PC industry. Dell has huge acquisitions and mergers. For instance obtaining of Perot Systems in 2009 and Alienware in 2006. (Mbalectures, 20 October 2010) Besides that, The Dell brand is a standout amongst other known and eminent PC marks in the World. (Promoting Teacher, 2010) Dell has encountered the board and authority. For instance Michael Dell who is by and by the PC industrys longest-tenured (CEO) CEO. Dell is additionally a profoundly innovative organization in its industry and has solid E-business and flexibly chain the board. Dell is the greatest firm in the Austin and second greatest non-oil company in Texas and fifth biggest in Texas by income. (Mbalectures, 20 October 2010) As we probably am aware, Dell is utilizing Direct Model which contributed the accomplishment to Dell by empowering the organization to offer direct associations with clients, for example, corporate and institutional clients. Their key strategy likewise gives different types of items and administrations, for example, web and phone buying, altered PC frameworks; telephone and online specialized help and following day, on location item administration. (Cuizon G., 5 March 2009) Now, in a market that is ever changing, contenders are testing Dell with new and exceptional items with an end goal to defeat the prevalence of the Direct Model. (Docstoc, 2010) This broad selection of items and administrations is completely one of Dells qualities to contend with its rivals. (Cuizon G., 5 March 2009) The development and improvement of PCs an essential territory wherein Dell can work for proceeded with progress, in spite of the dangers presented by its rivals. (Docstoc, 2010) Obviously, a significant number of the Dells qualities come as aftereffects of the Direct Model. The model itself could be viewed as one of the companys most noteworthy resources. Be that as it may, a couple of explicit focal points are picked up from through the Direct Model comparative with the PC showcase. (Docstoc, 2010) Most importantly, the Direct Model permits the buyers to completely modify their workstations. The market is getting progressively taught, presently like never before people need an item that can focus on their particular needs. On account of workstations, this implies clients need more decisions as far as both execution and gainfulness. (Docstoc, 2010) By understanding clients needs and inclinations is significant quality of the organization, Dell has removed the retail dealer and sells legitimately to the clients with no utilization of a center man. Dell has made it workable for all clients to get the opportunity to completely redo their item. (Docstoc, 2010) In term of catch information on its devoted purchasers, Dell is utilizing data innovation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) approaches. Hence, a client could chooses a conventional PC model, and afterward includes things and overhauls until the PC is kitted out to the clients own detail. Segments are made by providers, never by Dell. (Oppapers, 2010) Notwithstanding this customization, the Direct Model advantages the clients with quick conveyance of items. This permits clients to put in their request, and get their modified PC frequently inside days. Both these preferences are the best resources in focusing on the home-client showcase portion. (Docstoc, 2010) Other than the quick conveyance, Dell additionally offer their clients the capacity to follow their conveyance. (Quality Assurance Solutions, ND) Customers can monitor their conveyance by reaching client administrations which is situated in India. The completed products are then dropped off with the client by messenger. Dell has complete order of its flexibly chain. (Oppapers, 2010) Dell additionally has a bit of leeway in their stock turnover time, and in their entrenched relationship with their providers. (Docstoc, 2010) These in the nick of time (JIT) delivering approach makes colossal cost investment funds by limit the costs, which Dell can give to its clients. (Mbalectures, 20 October 2010) subsequently, Dell creates the items which is redone, low-evaluated and convey to the clients entryway inside days. (Docstoc, 2010) Dell has separated itself from contenders by giving powerful frameworks to the clients at serious costs. (Mbalectures, 20 October 2010) By low get together expenses by utilizing moderately modest labour(Oppapers, 2010), low assembling costs(Quality Assurance Solutions, ND), and furthermore gloats the industrys most productive acquisition, assembling, and dispersion framework permit Dell to offer the clients incredible frameworks at serious costs. (Cuizon G., 5 March 2009) Other than that, Dell has solid client base as well. Dell is focusing on the business official class by around two-third of Dells deals is created from government organizations, huge enterprises and instructive foundations. (Mbalectures, 20 October 2010) as it were, Dell has just made long haul relationship with enormous organizations, and this gives a large portion of their business. These organizations, thus, pass the relationship on through their representatives, giving them Dell items. (Docstoc, 2010) (W)eaknesses The huge shortcomings of Dell is neglect to pull in the market of undergrad fragment. (Docstoc, 2010) Dells deals income from instructive organizations, for example, schools just normal of 5% altogether. Because of much spotlights on business clients, it influenced its capacity to shape associations with instructive organizations. (Cuizon G., 5 March 2009) And, the same number of understudies buy their PCs through their school, Dell is obviously not in a situation to exploit the school advertise. (Docstoc, 2010) Managing enormous measure of provisions of items and parts from a wide range of nations can causes Dell some shame when items are reviewed. (Oppapers, 2010) For instance, extraordinary difficulties in quality, assembling and services. (Mbalectures, 20 October 2010) Dell. In 2004 Dell needed to review 4.4 million PC connectors as a result of a dread that they could overheat, causing electric stuns or flames. (Oppapers, 2010) Another shortcoming of Dell is there is no enhancement and the organization is just concentrating on the PCs business. (Mbalectures, 20 October 2010) Dell is a PC creator, not a PC producer. (Oppapers, 2010) as such, they construct PCs, not create them. (Quality Assurance Solutions, ND) Dell purchases from a gathering of concentrated hello there tech segment makers. While this is an incredible preferred position as far as business forms, permitting Dell to concentrate on advertising and coordinations, the organization is dependent on various enormous providers, and to a degree is secured for timeframes. For instance, because of the absence of huge providers in the World, Dell unfit to switch flexibly. (Oppapers, 2010) In term of home clients, Dell have the difficult issue on its immediate technique and customization approach. (Cuizon G., 5 March 2009) First, clients can't go to retailers, attempt a couple of various items, and walk home with a PC all in a solitary excursion in view of Dell doesn't utilize dispersion channels. (Docstoc, 2010) The very separates thing if Dell from its rivals, customization additionally makes an issue in that clients simply cant purchase Dell as essentially as different brands. It is on the grounds that every item is exceptionally worked by their determinations and this may take days to wrap up. (Cuizon G., 5 March 2009) And because of this, numerous PC purchasers are careful about an item that they can't by and by look at it before buying. Furthermore, a portion of the on edge purchasers would have no patient to trust that their items will convey for various days. (Docstoc, 2010) In addition, Dell additionally has shortcoming on its innovation. (Mbalectures, 20 October 2010) It  have no exclusive innovation to offer the market , Dell is right now utilizing the innovation which are shared by the other significant contenders. (Mba instructional exercises, 22 December 2009) Besides that, it changes its innovation at exceptionally quick rate. (Mbalectures, 20 October 2010) (O)pportunities PCs are turning into a need these days. Interest for PCs is additionally developing a lot quicker than personal computers. Truly, interest for PC has overwhelmed the interest for work areas. This is make an extraordinary open door for Dell to develop in every single other fragment. (Cuizon G., 5 March 2009) Other than that, the pattern toward progressively taught purchasers likewise give incredible chance to Dell by expanding the quantity of second-time purchasers. (Docstoc, 2010) Second-time purchasers would in all probability benefit of Dells exceptionally manufactured PCs in light of the fact that as they have bought PCs in the past realize what they need, so do their need to analysis or utilize some extra PC highlights. (Cuizon G., 5 March 2009) Here, Dell utilizes the Direct Model which

Ill attach the document that has the questions Essay

Sick join the archive that has the inquiries - Essay Example Because of this weight applied on the cylinders, the cylinders thus apply grating on the brake cushions henceforth creating a clipping power on the pivoting circle appended to the wheel plate. This cinching power is what is answerable for halting the pivot plate subsequently the wheel. Figure 1 underneath shows the working guideline of a slowing mechanism. [3] Figure 1 How plan and operational necessities impact material property prerequisites for the brake circle? The focal point of a brake circle contains direction with the end goal that as the vehicle drivers presses the brake cushion, the plate is mounted on the pivot and is held in to put by the wheel. At the point when brakes are applied, a great deal of warmth is produced because of the grating between the slowing down surfaces. Along these lines, materials picked for the development of the brake parts ought to have the option to withstand extremely high temperatures. Additionally, the brake circle runs at a specific rapid dur ing the time spent halting the movement of a wheel. [1] The most generally utilized brake plate material was solid metal yet it was found to devour a great deal of fuel because of its high explicit gravity. This has seen misuse of other lightweight materials to supplant cast iron. The materials for use in planning the brake plate must have a minimal effort for each unit property and furthermore meet the computerized rationale condition. In this manner, materials utilized for slowing mechanisms must have a steady and solid frictional and wear properties under shifting states of burden, speed, temperature and condition, and high sturdiness. [6] Therefore the few elements to be viewed as while choosing a brake circle material incorporate the capacity of the brake plate material to withstand high grinding and less grating wear and capacity to withstand the high temperature developed because of rubbing. Another significant elements that are of significance in thought during the brake cir cle configuration is the expense of the entire procedure and the heaviness of the materials to be utilized. [1] Material determination practice for brake plate One of the most principal capacity of a material for the production of a brake circle is the material to have the option to lessen erosion and less mileage. It should likewise have the option to appropriately work even in high temperatures. The brake plate should likewise have enough warm stockpiling ability to forestall contortion or splitting because of warm pressure. This isn't especially significant in a solitary stop however it is vital on account of rehashed prevents from rapid. Here and there it might be insignificant to believe the expense of materials to be utilized if the material is to play out a basic capacity in space for example beryllium for basic segments, iridium for radiation screening. Additionally in the event that it is to be utilized in clinical methodology for example gold tooth fillings and in gear for profoundly serious games for example one dashing cruiser had a chamber head made of strong silver for its high warm conductivity. [12] The model for brake circle In Fig. 1 beneath, a brake circle can be romanticized as two shafts having length L, profundity b and thickness h, bolted together at their finishes. Every one of the shaft is stacked in twisting when the brake is applied, and on the grounds that slowing down creates heat, it in this manner gets hot. The firmness S of the shaft is likewise basic. In the event that the firmness is deficient, at that point the plate will flex, impeding slowing down proficiency and permitting vibration. Its capacity to transmit heat, as well, is basic since part of the warmth

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Stranger Than Fiction Lit Critical Appreciation Essay Example

More peculiar Than Fiction Lit Critical Appreciation Paper More peculiar Than Fiction is another unique yet extensively engaging film to add to Kaufmans rundown of Impeccable Cinematographic Creations. This is one film where two unmistakably various subjects, Comedy and Tragedy, are keenly ravaged with, periodically in any event, verging on the lines of merging with each other.The film, quickly put, contents the life of its hero Harold Crick, a Chicago IRS inspector whose world involves only statistical data points. He typifies each trademark an individual is required to have for society to mark them an automaton. From the ghostly degree of fixating on the banished number of toothbrush strokes every meeting must get, to his virtuoso capacity to intellectually take care of enormous duplication issues, this fussy male is accidentally, in a slanted at this point exceptional way, the ideal lead character for a story book.The acknowledgment that the British voice portraying the film was expected for the crowd, however in certainty explicitly at H arold likewise, horrifies many. This intriguing utilization of an omniscient storyteller attracts crowd related topics, for example, Determinism and Fate and all the more explicitly surfaces the presence of one more character-Karen Eiffel.Harbouring a Sylvia Plath kind of air, this chain smoking loner of a creator is inflexible to locate the proper conclusion for the primary character of her most recent downbeat novel, who happens to be in all honesty Harold Crick. In any case, the plot progressively arrives at its peak when Karen, so frantically attempting to discover motivation for an appalling consummation, is placed interestingly with Harold, who is earnestly attempting to pinpoint the issue with the apparent visualizations or voices in his mind. With the insight and counsel of scholarly teacher Jules Hilbert, he in the end comprehends the book he is living in and most imperatively, the potential closures he would in the long run need to face.Determinism is extraordinarily exemp lified here, where any chance of through and through freedom Harold initially reserved the option to was governed invalid and denied. Generally appropriate to him, obviously, was the way that demise was inescapable and there was no other option yet it. Hhis destiny was constrained by the forerunner content of the book. This predominant subject carries the film to a totally more profound level, entirely different from the standard insipid, brainless on-screen amusement we are normally given these days.Harolds adjacent brush with death permitted his character to focus on the passionate basics of life, instead of the typical ordinary and routine viewpoints he recently centered around. Like some other film, sentiment is a need and fixing this one of with classy cleverness and a tinge of consistency, Harold begins to look all starry eyed at an alterative bohemian bread cook whom he was appointed to review. She fits easily in the classification of a political non-conventionalist who won't pay the annual expenses she considers frightful. Also, she discovers Harold Crick the main driver of an inappropriate in America, which makes their developing affection for one another an uncanny yet interesting watch.The cerebral thought of anticipation the film involves is the thing that keeps any watchers eyes stuck to the screen. Kaufmans plan of Stranger Than Fiction not even once gives a second in time where inquiries regarding the plot quit springing up in ones brain in spite of the numerous insights clear all through the film. With the help of a good supporting cast, this film doesn't guide off digression from beginning to end. Despite the fairly unexpected completion, Stranger Than Fiction is in an odd and unconventional manner an unquestionable requirement watch and by a wide margin one of Kaufmans most noteworthy depiction of smart cinematography.

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Is College Really Worth It

Is College Really Worth It Higher education plays a huge part in our world today, but is college really worth it? It depends. Here are some things to consider as you decide if going to college is a good plan for you. What can college do for you? Professional Value of a Degree A college degree has always been a resume-booster, and it has now become an expectation for many in the professional world. Some career paths are very hard to pursue without a college degree. If you know your dream job requires this kind of degree, that would be a strong pull toward going to college. Also keep in mind that most people change their careers at least once in their life. When that time comes for you, you’ll have a lot more employment opportunities if you’re equipped with a bachelor’s degree than if you’re not. And in many companies, an employee’s salary is based on how much experience and education they have. So having a college degree will give you an advantage here, too. College is an investment; paying now gives you an opportunity to gain in the future. You’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s an investment you want to make. The Undergraduate Experience College gives you ways to learn more about yourself; you can discover passions, gain fresh insights, and meet new people. It is a great place to grow, but so are a lot of other places. So what makes college so special? Well, it all depends on what you make out of it. Being in college can change your life if you embrace the resources and opportunities available to you. You’ll get a chance to be independent, maybe more than you’ve ever been before. College can teach you what it’s like to live away from home and make decisions for yourself. Still, the college environment isn’t for everyone. Think about what your priorities are and decide if they match up with the professional, intellectual, and cultural opportunities college can provide. But what about the expense? There’s no denying itâ€"college is expensive. Then again, many students decide to commit to college anyway, and for good reasons. When you’re looking at your options, be realistic about what you want out of a college; remember that the most expensive school isn’t necessarily the best (and neither is the least expensive). The vast majority of students aren’t able to pay all of their college expenses upfront, so they take advantage of financial aid, scholarships, loans, and more. To learn ways you can make college more affordable, check out our guide to paying for college. In the end (and in the beginning, if you can), be honest with your family and yourself; don’t show up at college before you explicitly understand how and when its going to be paid for, as well as by whom. What’s your plan? Consider for a moment what you would do after high school if you didn’t go to college. Would you take a gap year? Get a job? What are your short- and long-term goals? Your answers might help you decide if college fits into your plan and if it’s required to carry out your goals. You won’t know for sure where your life will lead, and that’s okay. But having a college degree today may very well open more doors than not, and this is something you’ll want to consider as you look ahead. So, is college worth it? This question will be easier to answer if you’re realistic and honest with yourself. Keep things like expenses, future goals, and different school options in mind. Make sure you understand what you’re signing up for and how much you’ll owe, and draft a few plans. If in the end you decide that college is the right choice for you, we have more resources to help guide you through your planning process, including 5 ways to narrow your options. We hope you find them useful as you continue your journey! college college prep resources cost planning Illinois Admissions We're here for you as you prepare for college. Whether you're looking for guidance on the college search process or have questions about Illinois, we hope our blogs will help!

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Discussion Eating Disorders, ADHD and Poor Self-Awareness - 3575 Words

Discussion: Eating Disorders, ADHD and Poor Self-Awareness (Research Paper Sample) Content: Eating Disorders, ADHD and Poor Self-AwarenessStudentà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s NameInstitutional AffiliationEating Disorders, ADHD and Poor Self-AwarenessIntroductionThere has been a controversy on whether eating disorders are linked to ADHD and Poor Self-Awareness. Many people have eating disorders, but they are never healed even after treatment. It is also worth noting that, even though people have eating disorders might be very slim, they have to be on a diet for the rest of their lives. However, their health may later worsen while seeking treatments for their survival. Even with treatments, they still repeat binge eating, vomiting during the treatments, and never achieve fully treated. Therefore, finding out why eating disorders are difficult conditions to treat and seem easy to deal with becomes, thus making this an important purpose of study. All stakeholders, such as psychiatrists or dieticians, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) patients, people with eating di sorders and those with obesity might want to understand the connection of ADHD to eating disorders (ED) in order to offer or acquire more effective treatment that is grounded on a grasp of these conditions.For a long time, studies into Eating disorders have indicated that the disorders are not just tied to food abnormalities alone. However, it is only recently that researchers have delved more into the study of complex psychological, physiological and cultural attachments connected to eating disorders, such as binge eating among others. Researchers and health professionals have disagreed on whether there is a relationship between ED and ADHD, obesity and ADHD as well as ED and poor self-awareness caused by cultural and ethnic identities. They have also disagreed on whether cultural identities affect self-awareness of females more compared to males. This brings up an important question: Is there a relationship between eating disorders and attention deficit disorder (ADHD), and betwee n eating disorders and poor self-awareness caused by ethnic or cultural identities?BackgroundIt is imperative to define Eating Disorders (ED) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in order to have an understanding of the relationship between ED and ADHD.An eating disorder is an irregular or inappropriate eating habit that includes excessive or insufficient food consumption that jeopardizes the emotional and physical health of an individual. It includes bulimia nervosa (BN), anorexia nervosa (AN), binge eating disorders (BED), and other eating disorders that have not been defined (ENDOS). According to Nazar et al. (2008), 70 percent of adults who are diagnosed with ADHD show a sign of eating disorder. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is a state that can be identified by the presence of uncontrolled behavior, inattentiveness, lack of focus and hyperactivity. It is among the most common childhood disorders that can go on through adolescence and adulthood.Past studies into eating disorders indicated that, eating disorders are not just tied to food abnormalities alone as there are other factors, such as cultural among others that trigger poor eating disorder. It is only recently that, researchers delved more into the research of the complex psychological, physiological, and cultural attachments connected to eating disorders, such as binge eating disorders. The stretched researches into other aspects that are tied to eating disorders have indicated that, eating disorders are tied to attention deficits and poor self-awareness (Davis, Levitan, Smith, Tweed, Curtis, 2006).A strong connection exists between eating disorders and ADHD. Patients who have eating disorders and ADHD exhibit common characteristics, such as low self-esteem, deficits in attention and varied degrees of impulsivity (Nazar et al., 2008; Davis, Levitan, Smith, Tweed, Curtis, 2006). These deficits lead to overconsumption of food, binge eating and eating without hunger. Eating dis orders occur mostly because of cognitive and emotional deficits (Ptà ¡Ãƒâ€žÃ‚ ek, KuÃ…Â ¾elovà ¡, PapeÃ…Â ¾ovà ¡ Ã…tÄpà ¡nkovà ¡, 2010). People who suffer from AN and BN have been found to have difficulties with executive functioning and weaknesses in contextual integration (Talleyrand, 2010). In addition to that, people with BN also exhibit a disintegrated response pattern, especially when put in contexts exposing them to negative emotions. On the other hand, patients who have AN exhibit high level of impaired decision-making and social cognition (Klump, Bulik, Kaye, Treasure Tyson, 2009).These impairments commonly occur in states of acute illnesses, and severely impair the abilities of judgment and interpersonal interactions. Therefore, eating disorders and the presence of other psychiatric conditions, which includes ADHD affects or limit the ability of patients to carry out their daily activities in a normal way (Davis et al., 2006). However, the social adj ustments of these patients tend to be slow. In addition, their social communication skills are poor and their social networks are limited. Davis et al. (2006) showed that, eating disorders are linked to medical and social disabilities of psychiatric disorders that are costly to the patients, their families, and the society.People suffering from obesity exhibit similar symptoms of as those having ADHD. Obesity can be defined as a condition originating from inappropriate eating habits. Riverin and Trembley (2009) noted that, some people who seek treatment for obesity are found with symptoms of ADHD, especially when they are adults. Delayed reward and reduced sensitivity to negative feedback are characteristics of both adolescents and adults and can be found to have ADHD (Davis et al., 2006). When obese people do something good, they often use food as reward. Therefore, for a long time, eating has been used as a reward in treating people with ADHD, thus creating a strong relationship b etween obesity and ADHD. However, in most instances, food rewards used as self-medication are significantly abused. ADHD patients need regular rewards to feel good as a way of compensating for the disorder (Riverin Tremblay, 2009; Holtkamp et al., 2004).In addition, patients with ADHD have an association with substance dependence, which in most cases is food. ADHD patients have used food as a source of mood enhancement. Since the deficiency of dopamine in the brain reward pathways causes ADHD, these patients have a higher risk of substance abuse (Cortese, et al., 2007). Therefore, they use highly delicious foods as a therapeutic proxy, which acts as a reward pathway, thus showing the linkage of ADHD to eating disorders. In Western countries, obesity is a problem that is often observed in children. Holtkamp et al. (2004) reported that, the obesity cases in the Western world have shown strong relationship with ADHD, which in most instances have been overlooked because less externaliz ing factors in obese children are not noticeable.The other strong relationship between ADHD and binge eating is impulsive and inattentive components of eating disorder. Delayed aversion and deficient inhibitory control mechanisms contribute to abnormal eating behaviors (Klump et al., 2009), because the above conditions manifest in poor planning and difficulties in monitoring oneà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s behavior in an effective way leading to overconsumption of food (Davis, 2006; Nazar et al., 2008). In addition, Klump et al. (2009) noted that, deficits in attention and other executive functions could make it problematic for a person with ADHD to follow a regular eating pattern. This failure could ultimately lead to abnormal eating behaviors. This is because there is a high probability that patients with ADHD could be inattentive to their signs of hunger, and thus forgetting to eat when they get other interesting things to do (Cortese, et al., 2007).Eating disorders are tied to poor self-a wareness that is influenced by ethnic identity. It is notable that, culture plays an essential role in developing strong self-awareness on its people. Different cultures have ideals to be followed by all people and this include food consumed by those belonging to the culture. On the other hand, if they do not have this body for one reason or another, they develop low self-esteem that turns into poor self-awareness. This factor contributes to inappropriate eating behaviors that could be considered as eating disorders.Franko, Becker, Thomas, and Herzog (2007) acknowledge that, even though anorexia was originally believed to be featured mainly in white and European women, their research data indicates that, eating disorders occurs even in ethnically and socio-economically diverse populations. For instance, white women are likely to develop poor self-awareness, which could lead to eating disorders as a result of the fact that their culture despises fat women. Women from minority ethnic groups show lower rates of symptoms of eating disorders as compared to white women (Franko et al., 2007).The significant differences that occur with respect to eating disorders in terms of ethnic and cultural differences are all tied to cultural beliefs that are defined by a specific ethnic or cultural group. Gordon, Castro, Sitnikov, and Holm-Denoma (2010) states that, acculturation has also changed the way eating disorders are conceived because it accelerates the acceptance and adoption of body ideals, for instance, concerning eating disorders. This has been clearly manifested by acculturated Latinas and Europeans compared to their counterparts who are not acculturated (Gordon et al., 2010).Ethnic and cultural beliefs regarding body size, affect males and females in different ways as women and girls are more conscious about their body shapes as compared to men. This is due to the fact that, the society has developed an ideal, which exp...